Back at the ranch

So I made it through the day. After being down most of September with pneumonia, I felt healthy enough to work the entire day. I checked when my hair appointment was this week, oops it was today at 3:00. I made it to the salon, but there goes my 8 hour day at the office.

Pretty excited to get back here, especially with my new color and trim! I am looking forward to updating this site, as you can see, I already changed the layout since this morning.

I would love to step down from my full-time job and jump into what I really would like to do. Logically I know that can’t happen. This may be a pipe dream, but it is a recurring dream! I plan to build up my inventory and either have the “occasional sales” or maybe some of the weekend shows that happen seasonally. I have thought about piggybacking inventory at another location, but I don’t love that idea. It seems to take away the ownership of my craft.

As I sat getting my hair done today, I read an article in . The article was about three female entrepreneurs that have made their dreams come true with owning their own business. These women had one thing in common, they all started in financial hardship. One woman even went so far to max out her credit cards to the toll of $100,000 for her start-up. Well we are not in financial turmoil. We’re actually comfortable. That’s what makes the decision hard, we have a lot to lose if this fails. Time will tell.


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