SOOO, Sunday, I cleaned out the garden and put away garden tools, it was a beautiful, warm autumn day. I took a picture of a old table I want to redo on the driveway.

Autumn day, just a few days ago before the blizzard today Oct. 4, 2012

Today, in northwestern Minnesota, we’re having a snow day! That’s right no school and no work. Even for Minnesota, its a little early. Four short days after our 80 degree day, I have a couple dozen trees down from the heavy snow and wind. The power has gone off at least 50 times.

Snow Day!

Perfect day for computer work right? Wrong. My laptop has zero battery. Electricity goes off, so does laptop and tv. FRUSTRATING! So down to my phone. I think my laptop has now died as it has the blue screen of death when I get it running.

UPDATE: electricity is down! This time not coming back.

Dozens of trees down!

Snow covered garden gate

Pretty old chair with lots of snow

The phone is glitchy too. I think I need to work that table I mentioned. Shouldn’t need technology for that!

Poor flowers didn’t know what hit them!


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