Fire and Ice

Today is day 2 of our early winter snow storm. Hey we aren’t complaining about the moisture, it has been a drought year for Northwestern Minnesota.

This week has been hard on our community. This area is scattered with small towns in the rural area, mostly farm community, with some bigger industry. Earlier this week there were wild fires destroying homes and thousands of acres of land. In all of my life, I have never experienced wildfires in this area. Just a few days later, an ice and snow storm. There also has been loss of life this week with two fatal car accidents that were related to the fires and storm.

Everyone has been affected this week and will surely remember it in the coming years.

I did want to update on some positive notes. I had a relaxing snow day yesterday. The electricity finally cut out and was off for about 8 hours. My son Sawyer and I got the wood stove going, pulled out the Monopoly and Life games and were cozy as could be. I took a nap and read my book. I should have been working on some of the furniture projects, but yes, that required technology. I didn’t have water either yesterday.

The really amazing thing that happened is I got a new MacBook!! Somehow I talked my hubby into stopping on his way home from work (yes he’s hardcore and drove south to work where the weather wasn’t as bad as north) I called the store and told them what I wanted, they put it aside for him to pick up. Yay!!! I am typing this on a brand new laptop!!! I am loving it :)) My other one just is at the end of life. I had this in my radar for the business venture anyway, maybe I’ll take the old computer dying as a sign.

Have a great weekend! Nicole

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