Saturday’s tasks

My plan for today was to attend the Harvest Festival at The White House Boutique, but due to the unseasonable winter storm, it has been postponed until next weekend. So Saturday is pretty open. I do see some dust that should be attended to. There’s laundry, you know, the usual tasks that never go away. I have some vintage furniture thats waiting for an inspiring makeover. I tend to be filling up the garage with my finds, to the frustration of my hubby. He is trying to clean the garage as I keep dragging in more junk.

I am almost finished with a beautiful side table that I picked up on the way to the lake last weekend. Nate said I paid too much for that piece of junk, although he didn’t use the term “junk.” He didn’t see the beauty I did through the highly varnished brown. I saw it though. The deeply spindled legs would be perfect for dark colors to settle into against a lighter color paint. I had a vision, he is a self-described, non-creative type. He has learned to trust my instinct and doesn’t say too much. When he doubts me, I can just give him that look.

shabby chic side table

The side table is near done. I ‘m just waiting for a new product that will be my first attempt at using wax finishes. I ordered Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and waxes. I can not WAIT to play and learn how to use it!! I read about it on a cool blog called Perfectly Imperfect and ordered it from there. I was at work a couple of days ago and got a call from an out of area number. I immediately thought, telemarketer. It was Perfectly Imperfect calling! They had a quick question for me before shipping my order!! Very impressed with the customer service!

Another little round side table that I have in mind for the wax finish is this one….

Table is patiently waiting for finish work

And this one….

Ready for redo!

The house is clean, Yay! for a day probably. 😦 All the projects above will have to wait until UPS makes the special delivery.

I will carry on with slooow progress of the vintage decor business. Last night at supper, Nate told me that my dream can only be a side line business right now. I would love to rent a store in Thief River Falls and jump in because I know I can do it. I have to continue to grow inventory and probably attend craft shows and build a web presence for right now. The store in town will be a long term goal I guess. Thats ok, I have a lot of ideas rolling around that will keep me busy!!


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