I joined Facebook!!

I took a leap and put myself out there and started a Facebook page for Tattered. Tattered is what the business will be named, YAY! Facebook is scary because everybody and their sister will know what I’ve been up to.

I made a lot of progress today. I contacted a local fellow vintage decor gal who is heading up The Vintage Carnival in Thief River Falls, MN on November 10. She has booth space available, so I am signing up to be a vendor. I have did a craft fair before, many years ago, with a little different type of merchandise. Overall it was very successful. So, I have a purpose to keep going with the project. That is how it progresses. I love it when a plan works!

I also contacted a local gal for help with signage for Tattered. I have a nice big old cupboard door I want to use for a sign. She wasn’t sure if vinyl lettering would work, but I’d be happy with a stencil and do a little more painting.

My other accomplishment was tinkering with the soft wax and chalk paint. I took some pictures and will let you know how those turned out another day.

Thanks for all your support! Nicole

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