My first auction

Today I planned on getting TONS of projects done. I went to Grand Forks last night and stocked up on necklace making supplies, fabric for pillows and scored a few thrift store finds. 2 more barstools, a retro office chair and and 6 drawer dresser.

I started making bird’s nest pendants when Nate reminded me of an auction sale in Newfolden and he saw a shabby door outside the building. I needed to go, maybe there was everything I needed there and MORE. After 2 1/2 hours, I left with some vintage stuff, but not the door. Thats ok, some other lady wanted it more than me I guess. I am sooo excited about the things I did get. A vintage ottoman, primitive wooden bowls, embroidered dish towels and a tattered quilt for a buck.

I did get a little bit done today. I upcycled an ugly nesting table into a rustic foot stool. A couple of adorable pillows somehow got sewed. (I am so out of practice) I made a bunch of bird’s nest pendants. I have a lot of projects left to complete.

Here’s a peek at my day today:

Bird’s nest ready for chains

Burlap pillow

Upcycled foot stool


Have a great week everyone! Nicole

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