Mail’s here!!


For once I actually enjoyed getting the mail today! I got two envelopes related to the business. First I got approval on the business official name, Tattered. Now I just publish the name in a legal newspaper a couple of times and were GOLDEN! 

The second letter was my tax identification number. Wow, right? Now I can pay sales tax when I sell stuff. That isn’t what it means to me. It makes it so much more real and like this is happening.

On my lunch break today, I went to find Nate a birthday present and on the way back to work, I noticed a FOR RENT sign a block off the main drag. Of course it is not ideal retail location, but its close to the main retail section, the big Catholic church and the high school. It gets plenty of traffic. So a possible spot to park my stuff! We’ll see. I put a call in to number listed on the sign, but have not heard back yet. I peeked in the window, it looked like a smaller office space with rooms to the back.

More unknowns and waiting. I am making small progress. Tonight is Monday night and I historically don’t get anything done at home, chillin after getting back to work. No furniture or vintage chic tonight.

Have a great week! Nicky 

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