Rental for Tattered found

Current front door

Future site of Tattered?[slideshow]

Cool windows

Industrial chic!?!?

It was a big day yesterday. My husband turned 40 and a friend told me about a rental building in our hometown, 3 miles from our home. Wow! I was able to take a look around this site. Our friend has had a electrical business in there and is expanding, so this building is available for rent. I spoke to the contact and was able to go in and take a bunch of pictures. This site has so much potential. It sits in Newfolden, which is a small town, but sits right on US Hwy 59 that gets a ton of traffic.

The building previously was a auto repair shop. To say its “industrial chic” is a little stretch. The price for rent if very reasonable. I wanted to give a peek at what I’m looking at. There will be a ton of work to convert this into a retail space. There are two huge overhead garage doors that I would take out and put in nice windows. It has the bland white steel siding, that will have to stay. The owner of the building is a fuel cooperative and their office is the south side of the building. I don’t think the board would appreciate me shabbifying the outside up. There is an old door facing the highway that is covered up. I thought that should be used as access and put some type of porch on the highway side.

Mr. Realism agreed to rent it. He was happy to hear I planned on working full-time at the nursing and start slow and have a monthly “barn” sale to see how it goes. This morning he was drilling me on heating and what I am going to do about the uber expensive fuel oil furnace. Can’t he understand I am the creative one and he is is the unwilling mechanical/construction one? After 20 years of marriage, he should be aware of this arrangement by now.

Enjoy the showRental back/side room

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