Junking Follies

It’s been such a busy weekend, I have been going steady! I am accumulating quite a stash of my desired stock of vintage furnishings. I feel like I have gotten the hang of the picking.

My first experience picking did not go as well as I imagined. I placed a free radio ad and got a call right away. I bought a little flashlight and a pair of gloves, ready to discover the hidden treasures. I drove to a nearby town and found the place right away. I got so excited as I drove into the yard and saw many outbuildings and a garage full of things I would make offers on.

This man was an old bachelor, but what I didn’t know was he was an avid collector too. Anything that I offered to buy, he had some story that it was his mother’s, aunt’s or grandfather’s. I was pretty frustrated as there was a lot of goodies but nothing for sale. He did have a bunch of windows that were not that old and still had the casement framing, sorry, not interested. He offered a mop strainer????? I left with a couple small things, one thing he gave me was a cool vintage desk lamp I refinished in a bronze. I also left with that first picking under my belt. Then another one that left me flat. I am fine tuning what I ask for in my ads.

I have been to a lot of places now and once I worried I wouldn’t have enough to bring to the Vintage Carnival in 2 weeks, now I have so much, there is no way I will get it all ready to bring with. That’s alright. I have the store opening sometime, so I already have inventory for that! Friday night I went to two places, the first one was a vehicle full of assorted stuff. But the best find there was a beveled leaded four foot long window. I am going to have Nate build that into my checkout counter. The second place was the MOTHER LOAD! I had been dealing with this nice gal all week. She had a lot of that vintage blonde furniture from the 1960’s. She had another lady interested, but she was not coming to pick it up. She finally let me know that I could purchase it from her. Holy moly! I can’t remember how many pieces I got, I think 8. Dressers, side tables, kitchen table, mirror, I think there was a sidebar. Beautiful stuff, not sure if I even want to refinish it.

Today, was quite the adventure. It started with Craig’s list earlier this week. A man had oak timbers and other lumber for sale. I made a three and a half hour one way drive Thursday to pick up a pickup load of lumber. The timbers were very heavy, but the item the sparked my interest was pine ship clap siding that he had taken off this old feed store shed. I thought it would make gorgeous reclaimed wood floor for the store. Somehow I talked Nate into driving down there again. My gosh, what a day! There was icy, snowy roads. I got to drive the truck with a large fifth wheel trailer. Nate didn’t sleep well last night, so was napping. I must say I did gell, didn’t hit the ditch and there were vehicles in the ditch. We loaded up the trailer. Cross our fingers that we got enough to do the store. We also got the old sliding door with the hardware.

Craig’s list got us in trouble again though. On the way back, there was a intricate dresser/side table with a beautiful mirror for $30. I had been dealing on this one all week too, there was another interested party, but they didn’t show up, so it was all mine. The guy told us directions coming from the opposite way. The roads were all slimy gravel and winding. We finally find the right place and the driveway looked like a bike path. There was no way in there. I walked down the driveway and got licked to death by two rambunctious golden retrievers. Nobody home!! What the heck?! Their garage was open and the piece was inside. So I asked if we could carry the 500 pound dresser back up to the road. I am very determined, not crazy. Ok that was crazy. So Nate tried to unhook the 5th wheel to drive the truck in. He finally gave up on that and BACKED the trailer down that narrow slippery road. He amazes me still. We got it loaded, I left the check in the crack of their door. I missed a call from the seller so I called him back and told him the scoop. All’s well that end well, right? Uffda.

I hope that all the money that is hemorrhaging from the checkbook, makes it back there somehow. Well, there is the big update for those that are following this journey. It has moved faster than I imagined. I meet with the Co-op board this Thursday to present my business plan and to ask for money to help with converting it into the retail shop.

Have a fantastic week, offer up some comments, its great for my morale! Nicole

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