What started out as an ice cold, dirty mechanics garage, is now rustic elegance. I absolutely love it. So my work will now kick into  overtime again and Nate can enjoy the weekend ice fishing. 

Today, I picked up some beautiful pieces from my future niece in law Missy. I also stopped at a couple of thrift stores and found 2 stands and 3 silver pieces. I woke up at 5am and got a jump start to apply the sealer on the wood floors. The floor soaked up the first gallon extremely fast, after I opened the second gallon, it all went down hill from there. It was a series of unfortunate events. I don’t want to retell all the awfuls, everybody is O-kay though!

Tomorrow I have to hit the furniture hard and come up with some beautiful finishes. I pulled out the finished pieces from storage and moved them into the new store. HONESTLY, it looks like I have 3 things in there!! I have a lot of space to fill. Good thing I have tons of furniture waiting their turn to be beautified. Kind of reminds me of adopting a pet from the Humane Society…poor dresser (and kitties and puppies-go adopt something will you!?)

Uff da, got up too early this morning, I’m getting goofy.



Finishing touches

IMG_0946Tattered Awning5 x 5 window and doorNate working his magicTattered sign IMG_0950 IMG_0955

One thing about actually working on the building and making the projects, it leaves little time for the progress updates. The store is very near completion. I am so impressed on the work my hubby has done for me. Tattered looks like a store that is ultra chic- urban, yet rustic and industrial. The floors look fabulous, reclaimed fir from an old feed store. Initially I thought I would stain the floors a dark color, but I love the mix of colors and the gray on some of the pieces. The trim is indescribable! I got the stain called Cobalt blue for free from our local hardware store because it was mixed wrong. It gives the old wood a gray-blue hue which brings out red in the wood. Our windows and door were professionally installed and the awning is also up. My Tattered sign is hung on the highway side and the porch is about done. We have to put some kind of siding back up where the steel siding use to be. It looks shabby and NOT shabby-chic! Nate is working on the more tedious things now. Basically, he will build my counter and will be sighing relief. He can’t wait to go ice fishing!

Take a look at the photos and you will see the floors and the trim and the ceiling! I threw in my upcycling chandelier project. I found that beauty at a thrift shop in the outdated brass metal finish. I finished it in the green patina that is so gorgeous!! I have it hung in the store as a fixture. My mother in law loves it! That means a lot to me, she even said I should put a sale tag on it. Speaking of light fixtures, I have been fretting so much about lighting for the shop. Today I let it go. I have spent too much time worrying about the right lights, but not spending a lot of money. I am going with the ones that are already there and as I get more inspired, will upgrade. Why force it?

One more end note. My Tattered Facebook page has 98 likes without even opening the doors yet, which is great! I put a challenge in to get 100 likes and then I will announce the grand opening date. So help out my local friends and like the site. The link is at bottom of page and also on my blog roll. Happy Holidays!!!!     Thanks!! 

Learning process

I have two vendor shows under my belt with mixed success. Both weekends have had harsh Minnesota winter storms. The first show was very busy and the weather didn’t deter many people. The one I attended this past weekend, I’ll have to chalk that up to a day of marketing myself and the business. VERY slow. My booth attracted a lot of people and i got a lot of positive comments. All of the vendors had a slow day. The worst part of day was unlading and loading of the furniture.

I like attending the vendor shows to meet people and to market the business, but hauling the junk that goes with it is not easy work. SO, what I learned is if I continue to attend these shows after the business opens, I will bring things like 20 shelves of assorted colors or 15 barn wood signs, things like that. Not everything in the store.

Owning your own business is a learning process and if we aren’t learning, we likely aren’t succeeding. I have no background in sales and marketing. My background is nursing. I have worked in a retail store, but that didn’t prepare me. I am learning as I go. I am networking with similar business people. They are so willing to share their experiences and I soak it all up. I am reading what I can on the subject. The internet has so much information. I really don’t know how I could be without it now. Knowledge is instant now. A thought or question pops into my head, so I ask Google. The funny thing is, my questions can be long, but there is usually a pretty close answer that someone else has put out there. So their experiences now I can learn from too.

The city administrator of our small rural town asked me what my marketing plan is.

Yeah, ummm….

Ok, I am reading about marketing. I have did some things right. Tattered has a Facebook page. This blog here attracts a little attention. I have been trying to decide if I need to hire a website designer. The web community think WordPress is a great site to develop a website off the blog. I know that I want to purchase a domain name. is taken. I read that adding something that describes the business in the domain name can be extremely beneficial. It works out that Tattered is already taken.

I plan to use See how vintage decor is in the domain name? That should help the SEO if someone types in vintage decor into the search engine.

I just get confused on all of the ways to organize all of the social media type marketing. I’ve got the blog and Facebook, there’s my Pinterest site. I recently registered for Twitter and I think Tumblr. Is there on portal site that you type one story and disperse to all of the other sites?? If not I’m gonna TM that!

When life gets hectic and I get anxious and nervous about all the things I have to do, I like to make lists. I have also learned that I am a visual learner. The reason I found this out is our time building our home and more recently, the addition to the house and now the Tattered shop. My husband can talk til the sun goes down, but unless he draws me a picture or takes spray paint to mark out exactly how big this room will be, I’ll never get it. That’s why getting it out on paper for me to see what I need to accomplish helps me visualize it and benefits my peace of mind.

Its funny too. With my love of computers and the internet and my smart phone, my lists are handwritten on a piece of paper.

Busy remodeling


Quick update on the renovation. It is moving along well. Still working full time, but forging ahead with plans. Reno is nearing completion. Nate has been working his butt off. I will try to give more information as time allows!