Dreams come true


Grand opening of Tattered. January 26, 2013.


Remember how it looked before? October 22, 2012.


Ready for customers!!


Pretty aqua pieces


All three of these pieces SOLD!


My first attempt at Valentines display


Treat Station with fabulous chocolate fountain


Very good turnout for the fist day open

The past month has been quiet at this site, but extremely not quiet at the shop! I wish there was more time in the day to do all the things I want to accomplish. I have learned there is no such thing as perfection. Letting things go is a great quality in life. There is always one more thing to do.

The past three months have been amazing. It was probably the hardest I have ever worked, but the most rewarding. There has been anticipation, but also apprehension and I found myself wondering what the heck did I get myself into? I doubted my ability and the hubby doubted the concept and still does a little, how well it would pay off.

Sacrifice was the name of this game. I missed a few of the son’s basketball games, I have worked at the clinic 40 hours a week, then going to the store until 9-10pm to work on the furniture projects. The fridge was empty, suppers were fend for yourself or frozen pizza, and the house…. remember what I said about letting things go? Yeah, embarrassing how it looked, but what do you do? Life goes on. In the past three months, normal life happened too. Four holidays past, I had surgery, my oldest son turned 17 and 2 new babies were added to our family. We also had a critically injured cat that was very close to being put down, but his fight and spunk and a little home nursing, he is almost back to what his normal will be.

When I started writing, I looked at the popular blogs and saw the daily posts and thought that is how to be successful. I credit those bloggers that they have the time and the consistency to keep up with that. That is not reality for me. I did get an email from someone I don’t know today and she found this site and also on Facebook. She told me she found the story inspiring. That is very gratifying. I write from the heart and as honestly as I can.

Just a little about the grand opening, I will maybe write more on this later. The day was a blast! We opened at 10 am and from 10-12, there was a packed store, with stuff flying out of there. My hubby’s mouth is still gaping from disbelief (along with the mother in law..hehe) He was impressed with the sales and the turnout, but still the skeptic, more cautious maybe. It’s a huge leap. He would like me to keep working the 40 hours a week and do this on the side. I don’t know how long he wants me to keep my mental health, but it wouldn’t be very long before I was cuckoo. I did hear good news that my request to reduce my hours to part time will likely be approved. I initially asked right after the Christmas, but was turned down at that time. I do work for a very good place and they want to keep the employees happy.

My next weekend open will be Feb. 16 and 17, I think that is the right dates without looking. Estimating half or over half of the merchandise sold at the grand opening. So back to the paint brush and looking for cool pieces.

I will try to give more details about the planning for the grand opening when it isn’t 11:30 pm!!