Starting a business is not an easy thing

Warning: this may be a negative, complaining type post. If you do not want to bring your mood down, you may want to skip this.

When I get to complaining about how hard my life is right now, I get absolutely no sympathy. My husband tells me, “no one told you it would be easy.” It honestly is starting to wear me down. Today has been a frustrating day. Monday is just one thing. We have a snowstorm going on, so travel was white knuckle on my 20 mile commute home. Then at work, a 4 pm meeting. Honestly, there should never be a meeting at 4pm on a Monday.

I got home from work tonight and had enough energy to start cleaning house. Then I get overwhelmed and mad. My two teen boys are not great at helping with chores and it is our fault of course. I yelled so hard at one tonight, it felt like I pulled a muscle in my back. The other had so many dirty dishes in his room, it could probably fill the dishwasher. Honestly, I am mad when I am typing this, I feel like crying now. Don’t they realize I can’t do it all? Why should  I demand they help me? Then again, when I complain I need help and can’t do it all, my husband says, “no one told you it would be easy.” SHUT UP!! It doesn’t help to say that and it certainly doesn’t clean the house.

I get in this pity party and then the demons start dancing– “what are you doing? You can’t do it, you made a mistake, what if this is a mistake?” I am sorry, I am just mad tonight. I am not getting enough time to work at the store. I am open one weekend a month. I am still working 40 hours a week at the clinic and trying to keep this big house clean. I am in negotiations at work to reduce my hours. I admit, that is likely the reason I am in such a foul mood…back to that 4pm meeting. My plans to cut down and be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday are all up in the air and decisions are not being made. I won’t get into details… just to say I may not get what I was promised and I am highly disappointed.

What else don’t I have time to do? I haven’t touched the financials since I first bought Quickbooks. Nathan is asking me questions about some of the junk furniture I bought without looking closely and I can’t even make a decision about that.

I need a positive perspective. I have a lot of doubts right now of the reality of being able to carry on at this pace. I feel like I get no credit for how hard I have been working. Then I get certain family members that talk about other family members (think in-laws) about how hard so and so works, blah, blah, blah… what about me!?!?!  Oh I feel my back going out on me again cuz I am gonna SCREAM.

Help. If anyone out there has any tips on how not to lose it, please share, because I’m gonna lose it soon. Most of the time, writing is a therapeutic outlet. Not this time. This was a very negative post. It was also a very realistic post. It isn’t easy. My husband saying it whenever I complain irritates me to no end now. I need someone to encourage me now so I keep going. It makes me sad that the people around me can’t see that.


7 thoughts on “Starting a business is not an easy thing

  1. Hang in there Nicole! I know a certain someone who feels like you do on many occasions. I can’t wait for daylight savings time….it seems like the longer daylight hours make all the difference!

  2. I too have started my own side business and I completely understand your frustrations. It’s hard to know what to do sometimes. I too work in a clinic and can’t afford to quit because of the unknown. It makes it hard to devote the time you want to your growing business. I feel like pulling my hair out sometimes. There’s many days I get home from work and start with my jewelry making and don’t stop till I go to bed. May I add with no help from my husband with the kids’ homework, bathes, or supper. It is frustrating. Just know I feel for you but I also want you to know I think your work is awesome. Don’t give up. I think your store is an asset to Newfolden and the surrounding areas.

    • Thank you so much! Isn’t funny, to put your heart and raw emotions out there for anybody to read, desperate for someone to understand because the people closest to you don’t? Thanks for the support and its good to know somebody understands!

  3. Nick, I know how hard it is, as you know {with the kids} You are stronger than like anyone I know!! I love you and I know that this is what you want to do, shiat, I love helping you, wish I could do more to help you as you very well know! keep on keeping on girl, cuz I know you have it in you, dig deep and I will try and be a positive in your life, because I know you need it. Everything will work out, I know it! keep that damn smile on your pretty face OK? Luv ya! Oh, BTW, we have a road trip planned to RLF’s when this damn snow melts a bit!

  4. Don’t give up. This is the problem with the way we live our lives….IT’S TOO BUSY and there is always too much to do, so we give up the one thing that makes us happy and feel fulfilled. Teenager are hard to train 🙂 Maybe you could do up a roster for chores.

  5. Starting a business is a huge rollercoaster of “This is awesome!” and “Oh crap, I made a hug mistake!” But you know what, when you’re looking back in a couple years, flipping the sign to ‘Open’ on whatever days you feel like working…this will all seem like a distant memory. I’ve been there. The first year of my business I thought, “What am I getting myself into!?!?” until I sent out my first set of wedding photos and got an email back from the couple saying how wonderful the pictures were and how great it was to work with me. Those little compliments feed the soul and make the drops on the rollercoaster a little less steep. 🙂

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