Mid March Blahs

We are still in deep up north! Seems like every Monday drops another 6 inches of snow here. First day of spring and I think it was something like -10 degrees this morning. Minnesota winters are LOOONG.

Looking forward to spring for many reasons, but regarding the business: I will be reducing my full time nursing job to 20 hours per week and I can’t wait to add some curb appeal to the store. People probably can’t even see the store from the highway with the huge snow piles everywhere!

I was open last weekend again and am impressed with the sales. If I was open everyday and made those sales, maybe the hubby would finally be convinced. He is a safe person. My nursing job is a safe job. What I am doing at Tattered is risk. He is having a hard time with me cutting my hours down to part time. I still get health insurance, which nowadays is probably the most important consideration. I am not getting my ideal days off, but I think it will work out for the best in the end.

The big task this week has been fumbling my way through Quickbooks. We did our taxes for last year and Yay! Tattered is at least a tax write off. Hopefully all of the investment we put in 2012 will turn to profit for 2013. Quickbooks was a little tricky and I spent 3 nights playing. It finally fell into place last night. I have all the accounts set up and entered in bills and sales receipts. So far, no loss yet!! I do know that being open one time a month is not enough to make it big. Pretty much covering the expenses and a little extra. Nothing going back in the personal checkbook yet. I think that is normal, try telling Nate the Great that.

I decided to take advantage of a gun show in my small town Saturday and be open an extra Saturday. If I tagged along with my husband to a boring gun show, I would definitely tell him to drop me off at a cool place called “Tattered.”

I am so excited to create and make things people like. I have butterflies in my tummy. Like I said in Facebook today, I feel like a tulip buried under the snow in March, waiting to blossom!


8 thoughts on “Mid March Blahs

  1. Hi Nicole,
    You are so inspiring! My daughter and I are starting a business as well. Right now we are almost open on Etsy and want to have a small shop for opening in the beginning of Nov. We are also repurposed vintage, antique and vintage decor. We live in WI. (Our winter is pretty depressing this year as well!). Anyway, so much fun reading your journey and it gives me hope. I am so nervous I will fail and that is not something I do very well.Keep writing and the best of luck in your journey! Best Wishes, Denise

    • Thank you for the wonderful comment. It has been a hard process, but it really is a dream come true! I believe if it is a passion of yours, to just go for it. For me, all the pieces fell into place so nicely, I couldn’t ignore it.

      • Hi Nicole,

        Just wondering how your shop is doing. I have opened one seasonal but would love to do it more. Would love to hear how its going. Thanks!

      • I Denise!! Well I did change my hours to being an occasional shop to open every Tues-Sat in September and the sales just weren’t there to support it. I have a workshop in the back I thought I could work on things if it was slow. It was just busy enough where I couldn’t get a darn thing done. I also think that the kind of store I have, people get excited to see what is new and the urgency to get there cuz I’m only open once a month. I am responsible for 95% of the stock in the store. I only have some textiles that I actually order, so it takes me a while to produce, find it paint it, ect. I definitely am not making the amount of money I did when I was a nurse. I am so happy and absolutely love what I am doing now. I don’t regret my decision to do this at all. Have a great day Denise!

      • Hi,
        So glad to hear things are going pretty well. I too, am responsible for making almost everything. If you are interested go to Simply Vintage 2013 on Facebook. There are some pictures. The only thing holding me back from trying to do the store as my only job is the money. I don’t think I could talk me husband into quitting my job. I was open for the 1st -4 weekends in Nov, and did really well. I am hoping to open again in Spring and then maybe 1 weekend a month over the summer. I love the crafting part but wish I had more time. Oh well, we will see how things progress. So nice chatting with you! I wish you best in the coming year with lots of sales!!!

      • My husband too was worried about the money, it seems like our checkbook is staying the same as before so I must be spending in the business instead of other places! Good luck and I will check out your page, Nicole

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      • Hi Nicole,
        Just wanted to say “HI” and see how your winter went. I think yours has been about the same as ours…COLD!!! I cannot wait for spring to finally arrive. How have things been going with your shop? I am still plugging along with a full time job and making things for my shop. I open again in 2 weeks and then I will be open once a month until Nov. I think of you all the time and how you just took the plunge and quit your job. I hope things are going well and spring arrives for us all very soon! Take care!

      • Hi Denise!! I am well, yes very long winter, getting the itch to be open more when April rolls in. I am still plugging along and haven’t been in the shop working as much as I should be, I have been working on projects at home. I keep busy in between open dates doing custom painting too and have attended a couple of fairs over the winter. Take care, thanks for your well wishes, Nicole

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