Still alive!

Hey everyone, I am still alive if anyone is wondering. Things are the same, which for a new store owner is a good thing. The store is open one week a month over the winter months and in April we will be going back to open every week, I think every Wed- Saturday. I am definitely getting the itch to get out and see people and go junking again!

I have been hitting thrift shops for furniture to repaint, after my last sale, I sold out of a lot of big pieces like a 8 foot farm table and a couple of hutches. I have started to expand into baby items and tagged it Oo-la baby. It is minky blankies and burp cloths and tag blankies, baby hats. One of my vendors has adorable onsies

assortment of handmade baby items

assortment of handmade baby items

Everyone has had an extremely cold and long winter. As many of you know, I live in NW Minnesota, about an hour from the Canadian border. It has been sooo cold here, -50 with wind chill. If it warms up, then the wind blows, so its cold anyway. What that means is extra heating bills and the cost of propane quadrupled. I turned the heat down to 50 in the store when I’m not open and started burning the wood stove at open to save money. Nate is a superintendent on a bridge building crew and they worked ALL WINTER LONG! Only coming home on weekends as he is down by Walker, MN which is 3 hours away. So I have been literally keeping the home fires burning. Which gave me excuse to pick up my crochet needle and sit under a blanket most of the time. I started with the dish cloths. I can’t keep them in the store, they sell out when I’m open. NOT, the big money maker, as it takes me an hour to crochet one. Then I wanted to try the baby beanies, those are fun and cute, here is one with the flower, not too bad for my first try…

My first attempt at crochet flower!

My first attempt at crochet flower!

I also ordered some new items to sell in conjunction with the old. I was torn with this decision, seems like so many stores like Tattered fall into this and it is all so cookie cutter. There are somethings I will never find on a pick, I know that. So I ordered wire baskets, cloches, things like that and I sold out on the cloches. I just got a shipment of the funnest headbands yesterday, They are made in USA and are absolutely the BEST quality. They also stay on my head! The elastic kinds slip off, these are tie on and one size fits all. I will be able to ship these smaller items too, so if anyone wants…. let me know!

DSC_0038 DSC_0001Other things that you maybe are interested in is I have been open now over the year mark and still loving it. No I don’t make as much money as in my previous career, yet…Hey I got our taxes done without too much drama, even got 1099’s out to who needed it. My tax man was very impressed with how organized I was, I would hate to see his other clients. No it took me about a week to get everything added up and I just used Excel. I bought Quickbooks and royally screwed it up in 2013 in the learning curve, so I started over in 2014 fresh and it seems ok. Honestly, now that the tax man was fine with the Excel, I may just use Quickbooks to keep track of consignment items, it works slick for that. Otherwise, it’s a little overkill.

I am trying to feed anyone tips who is maybe starting out, so it there are specific questions, just contact me.

I am waiting for a shipment of infinity scarves. I was inspired to start sewing them, I bought one from my cousin and just loved it, simple to sew. I went shopping for fabric, which was expensive and not a lot to choose from in store. I find it difficult to shop for certain fabrics online. By the time I shopped and paid for the fabric, then sewed it, which I’m short on time, there really wouldn’t be profit in it.

It’s been so nice to be around for my boys this year. Tucker graduates this spring and is ahem,,, difficult to get up in the am for school. Sawyer is a freshman and is busy with basketball. Actually the boys have a game tonight deciding if they get to play at the state tourney. I haven’t hardly missed a game this year. When I’m working in the store, they will come in with their buddies after school, usually to get money, but at least I get to see them more. With Nate gone all the time, it’s nice to be able to be closer. I still don’t regret my career change. I don’t miss it and of course I miss the people I worked with though. I know I would have regretted it if I hadn’t of went for it. It is challenging and a lot of work. Thanks for all your support. have a great spring!