Hi my name is Nicole Nelson and it is a big year for me as I feel like I’m still in my late 20’s, but no, that’s not the case. I am in my 40’s now. I have two teenage sons, my husband and two Shih-tzu idiot dogs that keep us entertained. My oldest son Tucker keeps bringing home pets without permission. So we have Peanut Butter the rabbit, aka “he only cost $5 at the fair” and the newest furry fiend is Muffins, a gray kitty that Tucker took from his best friend’s house. I think I may have to send that one back.

I really love the retro, vintage, shabby look. The prospect of the next junk find is probably where the term “junkie” came from. I am new to blogging, but my passion for the possibility of having my own domain, my own store to organize as I want, is nothing new.

My hobbies are decorating, refinishing outdated furniture, shopping, reading, attending my kid’s sporting events and going to the lake. I am self taught with my crafting, everything except for a crochet class that was taught by a sweet 85 year young lady. My history has been, I buy all the materials to get my hobby on, then teach myself enough to satisfy. Then I move on to the next one.First family trip

I think the biggest hobby of all would be shopping, I think the hubby would agree.

Feel free to contact me at tatteredjunkichic@gmail.com

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