The key to happiness

Rental key

Today, I got the key to the shop!! I paid the deposit and the first months rent. I really feel official. 

I’ve been working on getting estimates and space planning. Today I worked on furniture projects all day long. I have the Vintage Carnival next Saturday. I should have enough pieces to bring with. There are a few things left to do, like price everything and look at coordinating accessories to spruce up the displays.

Classic table

Tool box- what should go in there? Surely not tools

Little side table

Rustic top with classic antique white bottom

Antiqued bar stools

After the fair, then the rush will be on to renovate that mechanics garage into what’s been occupying my mind for the past several weeks. I hope that time and money are on our side! The meeting with the grant person was very positive. Any projects tied to the grant money has to be completed by the end of this year. We think it’s doable. We will likely do the construction mostly ourselves. Apparently, the carpenters around here are busy until spring. I trust Nate’s work, he built our house, addition and all the buildings on our property, plus he builds bridges for a living!

Just a little update on the progress. It is a lot farther along then I could have ever imagined!! Happy trails…. Nicole¬†

Rental for Tattered found

Current front door

Future site of Tattered?[slideshow]

Cool windows

Industrial chic!?!?

It was a big day yesterday. My husband turned 40 and a friend told me about a rental building in our hometown, 3 miles from our home. Wow! I was able to take a look around this site. Our friend has had a electrical business in there and is expanding, so this building is available for rent. I spoke to the contact and was able to go in and take a bunch of pictures. This site has so much potential. It sits in Newfolden, which is a small town, but sits right on US Hwy 59 that gets a ton of traffic.

The building previously was a auto repair shop. To say its “industrial chic” is a little stretch. The price for rent if very reasonable. I wanted to give a peek at what I’m looking at. There will be a ton of work to convert this into a retail space. There are two huge overhead garage doors that I would take out and put in nice windows. It has the bland white steel siding, that will have to stay. The owner of the building is a fuel cooperative and their office is the south side of the building. I don’t think the board would appreciate me shabbifying the outside up. There is an old door facing the highway that is covered up. I thought that should be used as access and put some type of porch on the highway side.

Mr. Realism agreed to rent it. He was happy to hear I planned on working full-time at the nursing and start slow and have a monthly “barn” sale to see how it goes. This morning he was drilling me on heating and what I am going to do about the uber expensive fuel oil furnace. Can’t he understand I am the creative one and he is is the unwilling mechanical/construction one? After 20 years of marriage, he should be aware of this arrangement by now.

Enjoy the showRental back/side room