Time to get creative!

Repurposed stereo made into a store unit with style

Stand/side bar

Finished a piece that has been hanging around the back room for months. This old Hi-Fi stereo unit was repurposed into a muti-purpose storage unit. The colors turned out well together. Annie Sloan Cocoa with Country Grey. I was disappointed when I opened the grey as it is more of a dark cream color. Unsure if it is a labeling error, or if that is truly the color. It works beautifully with cocoa whatever is it!

We removed the “guts” of the radio and the top lid opens to a nice storage area inside. The problem with these stereos is there is usually some ugly carpet type material in the front for speakers. At Tattered, we have had a lot of success with the galvanized metal look. This piece had the silver panels inserted, but didn’t look right with the brown tones of the cabinet, so I painted the panels bronze. The upside to these pieces are they are usually beautifully detailed and intricate, as well as very affordable and abundant to find at thrift stores. I really like this piece. I know the ones that are good are the pieces I am tempted to keep!

Custom painted night stand

Custom painted night stand

Here is another example of Cocoa with the Country Grey. A customer asked if we had any night stands. This is a really cute little 4 drawer dresser that I picked when it was a lilac shade… not a favorite color for a little boy and his legos. The top was stripped and stained, as well as the original knobs.

It has been fun doing the multi color look, I think I am going to have a blast with color combos.

More recent projects I have had time to finish!

Ripped vinyl seat with past it's prime paint job

Ripped vinyl seat with past it’s prime paint job
Sturdy fabric seat with coordinating color for rest

Sturdy fabric seat with coordinating color for rest of stool

I love metal stools! The industrial look is so hot now. With the updated contemporary colors it is industrial chic at it’s BEST!

Paint completely chipped off seat

Paint completely chipped off seatI got lucky at a recent pick and got 3 metal stools, can’t get enough of them! This one is so sturdy and has the awesome industrial look with the big adjustable seat.

Upcycled shop stoolThe Annie Sloan paint will be tested with this stool! It is done in Aubussen Blue. Pretty enough to pull out of the shop and put around the bar!

Barcelona orange side table I have been having fun experimenting with new colors, here is Barcelona orange with dark wax.

Barcelona Orange with Old White

Barcelona Orange with Old White

Undercoat is the orange with Old White.

I wanted to give you all an update of what I have been up to. Feels so good to get pieces done and to fill up the store again. Of course there is not enough time to get everything done I want to accomplish.

There is hope after all! Five weeks from now, I will reduce my hours at the clinic to part time! That means I can be open at Tattered more and spend more time on the projects and keeping the business running and profitable.

There has been such a hugely positive response to the store. People really seem to like the stuff we have and the building is a draw. It is unique and just a funky place to visit.

Here in Minnesota, winter doesn’t know its spring. There is ANOTHER Sunday/Monday winter storm expecting 6-12 inches of the white stuff with winds of 25-30 mph. I have been patiently waiting to move junk outside on the porch. I know curb appeal is what draws my eye to swing in to shop at a store like mine.

I can’t believe it! I almost forgot to share our biggest pick yet !!!

Biggest pick yet!!

Biggest pick yet!!

This was a great lead! I was contacted to see if we wanted the wood off this old shed. The fellow wanted it moved to use the land for tillable acres. Unfortnuately, there was another shed that was destroyed. This one is great! It is such a sturdy shed, we decided not only we wanted the wood, we wanted the whole building! It took Nate most of last weekend to jack it up and load on the trailer. It was only a few miles from home, so it sits in our small country yard. It really is quite quaint.

There was a lot of garbage in the shed, but did find some old goodies too. It took me 3 hours to clean the shed and sort out what was salvageable. The only critter I came across was one deceased mouse. I was creeped out anyway, cuz there obviously had been a lot of critters living in there, or at least was their outhouse. I said I only saw the one mouse. My poor hubby on the other hand….. As he jacking up the shed, he kicked loose some tin around the bottom. What do you suppose may be under an old shed in April? Well, a homeless skunk would be! He got the last laugh as he sprayed Nate’s boot and ran off. I worked in and out of that shed for 3 hours, lucky for me it was still nap time for PePe La Pew. 

Oh the adventures awaiting me!!!


Juggling new business

Hey everyone! I haven’t had a recent update for awhile. I made it through The Vintage Carnival Saturday. It started a little shaky. My spot wasn’t ideal, but it worked out fine in the end. The weather was horrible, glare ice roads, that didn’t seem to deter traffic to the fair though, wow, what a turn out! The rustic arbor was a fabulous draw. I finally put a tag on it that it wasn’t for sale.  There was a lot of interest in renting it for weddings. So with one rental, it will be paid for. I sold about 16 pieces. I found that pricing was tricky. Of course at a holiday venue, a lot of people were shopping for Christmas gifts. It would take the right person to buy furniture. I had tons of traffic though and people seemed to be attracted to my booth. There were a lot of other vendors there that shared their experience with me, which is so much appreciated! We are having another carnival in the spring. I think the timing was perfect. I debuted my wares, before the store opens. I got the Tattered name out there and told people to watch for the store opening after the first of the year. By the time the spring carnival comes around, I will have more media in place and the store should be in full swing. Now to the juggling. Yesterday, I finally caught up on all the house cleaning and grocery shopping that has not been attended to the past month. I really didn’t do anything in regards to the store. It was the last day of deer hunting for the guys too, so tonight, Nate starts the renovation process on the shop, which to me is the ultimate excitement!! Today is back to my full time job as a nurse. I took Friday off to set up for the show. It’s hard to concentrate at the job with so much on my mind. Progress: Lumber has been delivered to the shop. Courtney is working on the signage for the store front. It’s going to be an 8 foot long sign with dark stained boards and the turquoise blue Tattered name on it. She is also a local gal that works a full time job and does these beautiful signs on the side with her hubby. I have all the quotes except for a furnace and an awning for the back door. I did stop at a consignment store yesterday where I had good luck finding quality pieces before. I struck out and left empty handed. I am going to an estate sale this Thursday to restock.  I forgot my camera, so couldn’t take any shots of the booth, so bummed. I too one awful shot with my phone. What kind of blogger am I!? Have a great week!, Nicole

Junking Follies

It’s been such a busy weekend, I have been going steady! I am accumulating quite a stash of my desired stock of vintage furnishings. I feel like I have gotten the hang of the picking.

My first experience picking did not go as well as I imagined. I placed a free radio ad and got a call right away. I bought a little flashlight and a pair of gloves, ready to discover the hidden treasures. I drove to a nearby town and found the place right away. I got so excited as I drove into the yard and saw many outbuildings and a garage full of things I would make offers on.

This man was an old bachelor, but what I didn’t know was he was an avid collector too. Anything that I offered to buy, he had some story that it was his mother’s, aunt’s or grandfather’s. I was pretty frustrated as there was a lot of goodies but nothing for sale. He did have a bunch of windows that were not that old and still had the casement framing, sorry, not interested. He offered a mop strainer????? I left with a couple small things, one thing he gave me was a cool vintage desk lamp I refinished in a bronze. I also left with that first picking under my belt. Then another one that left me flat. I am fine tuning what I ask for in my ads.

I have been to a lot of places now and once I worried I wouldn’t have enough to bring to the Vintage Carnival in 2 weeks, now I have so much, there is no way I will get it all ready to bring with. That’s alright. I have the store opening sometime, so I already have inventory for that! Friday night I went to two places, the first one was a vehicle full of assorted stuff. But the best find there was a beveled leaded four foot long window. I am going to have Nate build that into my checkout counter. The second place was the MOTHER LOAD! I had been dealing with this nice gal all week. She had a lot of that vintage blonde furniture from the 1960’s. She had another lady interested, but she was not coming to pick it up. She finally let me know that I could purchase it from her. Holy moly! I can’t remember how many pieces I got, I think 8. Dressers, side tables, kitchen table, mirror, I think there was a sidebar. Beautiful stuff, not sure if I even want to refinish it.

Today, was quite the adventure. It started with Craig’s list earlier this week. A man had oak timbers and other lumber for sale. I made a three and a half hour one way drive Thursday to pick up a pickup load of lumber. The timbers were very heavy, but the item the sparked my interest was pine ship clap siding that he had taken off this old feed store shed. I thought it would make gorgeous reclaimed wood floor for the store. Somehow I talked Nate into driving down there again. My gosh, what a day! There was icy, snowy roads. I got to drive the truck with a large fifth wheel trailer. Nate didn’t sleep well last night, so was napping. I must say I did gell, didn’t hit the ditch and there were vehicles in the ditch. We loaded up the trailer. Cross our fingers that we got enough to do the store. We also got the old sliding door with the hardware.

Craig’s list got us in trouble again though. On the way back, there was a intricate dresser/side table with a beautiful mirror for $30. I had been dealing on this one all week too, there was another interested party, but they didn’t show up, so it was all mine. The guy told us directions coming from the opposite way. The roads were all slimy gravel and winding. We finally find the right place and the driveway looked like a bike path. There was no way in there. I walked down the driveway and got licked to death by two rambunctious golden retrievers. Nobody home!! What the heck?! Their garage was open and the piece was inside. So I asked if we could carry the 500 pound dresser back up to the road. I am very determined, not crazy. Ok that was crazy. So Nate tried to unhook the 5th wheel to drive the truck in. He finally gave up on that and BACKED the trailer down that narrow slippery road. He amazes me still. We got it loaded, I left the check in the crack of their door. I missed a call from the seller so I called him back and told him the scoop. All’s well that end well, right? Uffda.

I hope that all the money that is hemorrhaging from the checkbook, makes it back there somehow. Well, there is the big update for those that are following this journey. It has moved faster than I imagined. I meet with the Co-op board this Thursday to present my business plan and to ask for money to help with converting it into the retail shop.

Have a fantastic week, offer up some comments, its great for my morale! Nicole

Fire and Ice

Today is day 2 of our early winter snow storm. Hey we aren’t complaining about the moisture, it has been a drought year for Northwestern Minnesota.

This week has been hard on our community. This area is scattered with small towns in the rural area, mostly farm community, with some bigger industry. Earlier this week there were wild fires destroying homes and thousands of acres of land. In all of my life, I have never experienced wildfires in this area. Just a few days later, an ice and snow storm. There also has been loss of life this week with two fatal car accidents that were related to the fires and storm.

Everyone has been affected this week and will surely remember it in the coming years.

I did want to update on some positive notes. I had a relaxing snow day yesterday. The electricity finally cut out and was off for about 8 hours. My son Sawyer and I got the wood stove going, pulled out the Monopoly and Life games and were cozy as could be. I took a nap and read my book. I should have been working on some of the furniture projects, but yes, that required technology. I didn’t have water either yesterday.

The really amazing thing that happened is I got a new MacBook!! Somehow I talked my hubby into stopping on his way home from work (yes he’s hardcore and drove south to work where the weather wasn’t as bad as north) I called the store and told them what I wanted, they put it aside for him to pick up. Yay!!! I am typing this on a brand new laptop!!! I am loving it :)) My other one just is at the end of life. I had this in my radar for the business venture anyway, maybe I’ll take the old computer dying as a sign.

Have a great weekend! Nicole


SOOO, Sunday, I cleaned out the garden and put away garden tools, it was a beautiful, warm autumn day. I took a picture of a old table I want to redo on the driveway.

Autumn day, just a few days ago before the blizzard today Oct. 4, 2012

Today, in northwestern Minnesota, we’re having a snow day! That’s right no school and no work. Even for Minnesota, its a little early. Four short days after our 80 degree day, I have a couple dozen trees down from the heavy snow and wind. The power has gone off at least 50 times.

Snow Day!

Perfect day for computer work right? Wrong. My laptop has zero battery. Electricity goes off, so does laptop and tv. FRUSTRATING! So down to my phone. I think my laptop has now died as it has the blue screen of death when I get it running.

UPDATE: electricity is down! This time not coming back.

Dozens of trees down!

Snow covered garden gate

Pretty old chair with lots of snow

The phone is glitchy too. I think I need to work that table I mentioned. Shouldn’t need technology for that!

Poor flowers didn’t know what hit them!