I usually HATE Mondays

It starts on Sunday nights, you know the “Sunday night blues.” I toss and turn thinking that the work week is about to start AGAIN! Last night was no different. I couldn’t turn off the brain. It was a different kind of anxiousness though last night, more of an excited restlessness.

I finally fell asleep close to midnight but, awake and chipper this morning, ready for work an hour earlier than normal. Why the change? I have a lot on mind, a lot of things to think about.

Actually, I have been thinking about this for the last 15 or so years. It is more of a dream of mine. I want to turn my passion of creating vintage decor into a business. I have a business model in mind. To just keep repurposing my vintage finds until it fills up the garage and my husband builds me a little store on our property. He isn’t sure on this part.

This site is our journey of that process. There are so many doubts and obstacles that this can actually work. I thought there may be a few people that would like to share our trial.

A little about me….

I have a great job already. SO, why bother? I just can’t get this dream out of my head. Every time I stop at a flea market or a cute store with shabby chic, I think, “I could do that!”

I have a wonderful husband, Nate. He is VERY handy. He stick built our home and recently put an addition on it. He is a bridge builder by trade. He is away from home most weeknights, so weekends are short with lots to do and never enough time for all the projects I would love for him to help me with.

I have two great teen boys, Tucker and Sawyer. You can imagine all that goes with that. Hunting, sports, four wheelers and sno-mobiles, school and jobs.

We live in rural northwestern Minnesota. That may be the challenge right there. Not a lot of traffic in rural areas. I do have some plans for that though!

Thank you for your time and I would love to invite you with me on this adventure.


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